About F.R.N.


Fresh, Raw & Natural (F.R.N.) is a Farm-to-Table, PLANT-BASED Shake & Juice Bar focused solely on Cellular Health. These organic Shakes & Juices include a variety of F.R.N. soluble FRUITS, ROOTS, NUTS, LEAVES, PEPPERS & SEEDS that help maintain the Homeostatic Balance of day-to-day living.  


F.R.N. provides education through Practice, Application & Implementation on what, why & how to EAT based on Molecular & Cellular understandings of what we, as Living Organisms, need to thrive.  


F.R.N. WILL NEVER contain any of the following:
-Wheat, Meat and/or Dairy products.
-Boxed, Bagged and/or Canned Foods.
-Processed, packaged, preserved, powdered, and/or pilled substances.