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F.R.N. Daily Challenges

These F.R.N. Daily Challenges help increase the amount of Fresh, Raw & Natural Foods, while decreasing the amount of processed, packaged & preserved foods.

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Water Bottle Challenge

Drink 12-20 oz of filtered, distilled or bottled H2O between the time you go to bed and wake up to flush out any foods you've eaten within the past 6-12 hours.

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State the Taste Challenge

Most would say that food tastes "good" or "bad" when attempting to describe the flavor.  Thereby fostering an emotional attachment to certain foods.  In this challenge, you are to describe exactly what you are tasting with every bite you eat; meaning sweet, salty, savory, bitter, etc.

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Forks Over Knives Challenge

In this challenge, you are to eat everything with a fork and knife.  Yes, even finger foods! By cutting your food into smaller pieces, you take time when chewing each bite; slowing down the process of ingestion that will allow you to become fulfilled with each bite.

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