F.R.N. Testimonials


Alesia, Chicago, IL

 "I was introduced to Fresh Raw & Natural in its early stages...before it was a brand.  F.R.N. has educated me on the importance of shakes and the fresh fruits and vegetables they are made from.  Now Fresh Raw & Natural has developed into something that the community and beyond can benefit from.  For me, it has been a breath of fresh air…having access to such a wide variety of Fresh Raw & Natural ingredients as well as a new found wealth of nutritional knowledge.  This is so important, because often in the Black community there is a lack of nutritional knowledge, resources and access to fresh foods.  Let the #FreshRawNatural movement begin…"  

CoquieHughes, Chicago, IL

"I work as a full time artist & entrepreneur with an extremely demanding schedule. So of course my eating habits had become quite inconsistent which began to reflect on my health.  I started administering 2 ounce shots of Fresh, Raw & Natural "The Beet Down" and "Garden of Eden" as part of my daily routine and the results have been life changing!  My energy level has increased and my body feels rejuvenated whereas I gladly want to exercise more.  Essentially, I just feel much better overall.  I am constantly sharing with my friends  about this natural supplement and how it has made a significant impact on how I feel. It makes me feel good knowing that my cells are being fed." 

Ayesha, Kansas City, MO

"I felt a difference in my energy levels pretty much instantly after trying Fresh, Raw & Natural Shots! It gave me the pick-me-up that I desperately needed!!!"